Sciware Systems, S.L. is an innovative spin-off focused on the development of analytical instrumentation and especially in the automation field.

Main activities of SCIWARE SYSTEMS, S.L. are the design, development, production and sale of innovative scientific instrumentation for laboratory automation.

SCIWARE SYSTEMS has an expert team that guarantees the production of quality instruments and systems with a high added value. Some of these products are unique in the market.

The company's flagship product is the software AutoAnalysis. It is a very versatile and robust software that allows the coupling and automatic control of a large number of devices and instruments in flow analysis, of different brands.

SCIWARE SYSTEMS also commercializes compact systems designed for specific analytical applications, such as, an MSFIA-LOV system for 90Sr determination in aqueous samples; and a MPFS- gas diffusion-conductimetric system for the determination of ammonium and total inorganic carbon. 

Instrumentation and devices commercialized by Sciware Systems, S.L. are intended for worldwide research laboratories and chemical analysis services from different universities and research centers.

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