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AutoAnalysis is a very versatile and robust software, produced and commercialized by Sciware Systems, that allows the coupling and automatic control of a large number of equipments, devices, detectors and instruments. The distinctive feature of this software based on DLLs at 32 bits is the possibility of using a single and versatile application without further modification for whatever instrumentation and detection system needed. It involves a basic protocol which allows the implementation of specific and individual DLLs, addressing the configuration of the assembled flow analyzer. Thus being a very flexible tool, easy to handle by non-specialised users.

Moreover AutoAnalysis accepts conditional variables and commands; in fact, it has its own programming language, which facilitates the development of intelligent routines. Thus, AutoAnalysis is capable of taking a decision by itself based on the analytical results gathered at a given point without interven­tion of the analyst.

Although it was primarily conceived for flow techniques, AutoAnalysis also affords the automation of other laboratory processes such as maintaining the pH of a medium by addition of appropriate amounts of an acid or base (pHStat) or controlling bioreactors. In fact, this software provides a wide range of analytical solutions only limited by the user's instrumentation.


Once AutoAnalysis has been installed instruments and channels dynamic link libraries DLLs can be implemented.

There is a large list of already developed DLLs. However, it is continuously increasing and new ones can be designed according to users' needs.

If you have any suggestion, please don't hesitate to contact us!!

Small protector circuits for solenoid valves and micropumps platforms are also available.

There are available two different stand-alone circuits for controlling micropumps.

Sciware Systems S.L. commercializes flow liquid drivers produced by other companys, such as multisyringe burettes and peristaltic pumps, for SIA, MSFIA and FIA, between others.

Automatic samplers for different tube sizes are also available.